Why Windows Should Walk Away from IE v2

February 5, 2015 Website Design

Back in early January, Windows announced that it would take another swing at developing a serious web browser. But for many website designers including the team at Buffalo Website Design – the developers and brand managers at Windows continue to fail consumers, and for may more Windows continues to lower the expectations of computer users around the world.

Branding technology is important business. Steve Jobs knew this. Bill Gates ignored it. Gates was once quoted as saying that he preferred “lazy developers” because they would “find the quickest way to solve a problem”. But the real problem with Windows is that while it may have been solving problems internally, it failed the expectations of consumers. After twenty years, consumer satisfaction is at an all-time low and Apple sales have never been stronger but the reason why Windows should just walk away from Internet Explorer is that Mircosoft will cost small business owners billions of dollars.

Companies around the world have already spent billions designing software to run on Internet Explorer web browsers and will be forced to rewrite those applications for whatever new browser they choose but designing their web browser in a vacuum over a decade ago is exactly why it should be avoided. Revisiting Internet Explorer is a damaging admission that Windows got it wrong the first time – so wrong that they should just walk away and accept the fact that their brand cannot possibly recover and be trusted by consumers or companies.