Can Your Website’s User-Experience Be Perfected?

April 23, 2014 Website Design

What is it that you want your website visitors to do once they’ve visited your site? Chances are if you’re a top-notch website designer your answer might be something along the lines of ‘engagement’. This would certainly please the marketing department too but for us at Buffalo Website Design there’s something about creating a user-experience that enables prospective customers to shorten the sales cycle by removing the obstacles that stand in their way.

One method that we implement in every website design we build is a clear and distinct call to action whose presence is consistently reminding prospects that the solution their seeking is just a phone call away – or whatever the desired result may be.

We firmly believe that clarity trumps persuasion – all the great marketing messaging in the world isn’t going to convince the overwhelmed prospect of the answers they seek, rather it’s the simplest solution that outperforms the most persuasive argument.

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