What is your Website’s Aesthetic Experience and Why it Matters?

February 5, 2014 Website Design

Every web design requires visitors to have an experience when perceiving a credibility of a service provider or value of that product or service. The best experiences are just that – they don’t feel like a flow or hoop that users jump through in order to accomplish their goal. As avid music fans – think about the last concert you attended. Everything from the way lights dim and the music played when the band took the stage to the audience participation to the encore is choreographed in such a way that it feels genuine – like an experience.

Each step of the way a visitor must undertake a new endeavor – click this button, fill out that form – all the while working towards their goal. All the while the visitor is making judgement calls – does the goal have equal or greater value than the time and effort it takes to accomplish it. Have you ever attempted to enter a sweepstakes only to be required to fill out a painfully lengthy form for something completely unrelated to your task?

What is your company’s website experience like? What are you asking from your visitors in return for a monthly newsletter, or chance to win one billion dollars? How easy should it be for your users to share their email address? When reviewing your website for a redesign – you should be taking these things into consideration. If you’re not – you may be redesigning your website sooner than you think and in that case Buffalo Website Design will be here for you. Or just give us a call at (716) 218-9884 today and let’s avoid your website fail together.