Four Website Tips for Small Business

February 10, 2012 Website Design 0 Comments

All this week, the focus on our website design blog has been tips for small business when approaching website design. Here’s another short list of website design tips for small businesses.

1. Content is Key
Meta tags have become passe since all search engines are now capable of scanning for content. The more content the better – but your content must be original and quality. Copying content will not only get you in hot water with search engines and the owners of the original content.

2. Avoid the Black Hat Tactics
Search engines like Google are very complex and attempting to outsmart them will most certainly get your site blacklisted.

3. Valid Code
Use the W3C to validate your websites code. As a small business owner – you’re probably not going to be writing the code for your website, but you can find the tools online that can check-in with your website designer. Make sure your designer is delivering valid code by visiting The World Wide Web Consortium and enter your website’s URL. It’s that easy.


4. Design – Not Great but Appropriate
First impressions mean a lot – consider some of those recent job applicants. You’d never trust someone to do the job if they showed up to an interview wearing sweat pants and a backwards baseball cap – would you? Your site needs to look the part. Great design is great – but appropriate design for your audience will go a lot further. Take the time to understand your customers and you’ll spend less time chasing sales.