Does Your Website Pass the Attention Span Test?

June 10, 2014 Website Design

Just about every website designer or search engine optimization guru understands the importance of capturing their audiences attention in those first few precise milliseconds. (If they don’t, you might consider hiring a professional.) But have you ever considered the phases of attention that users will experience as they’re interacting with your website?

This is where the difference between creating simple eye candy of web design and engaging customers with SEO really becomes quite clear.

Once a user hits your website they are in what might be considered a passing phase – I’ve sometimes referred to this user being in the ‘window shopper’ phase. The audience is giving us a second or two of their most minimal attention.

The second phase is what I’ve called the ‘tire kicker’ phase. This is where the user is in a phase of trust and acceptance – allowing them to be exposed to messaging.

Lastly, we have the engagement phase or ‘customer’ phase where the user is giving their full attention until the task or sale is complete.

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