Why Your Website Should Have an Integrated Social Media Strategy?

August 18, 2014 Website Design

Several months ago the Buffalo Website Design team stumbled new information depicting the rate at which new technology is introduced to the masses compared to the rate at which the masses adopt new technology. The gap is astonishing – greater than we had anticipated and when we begin to take note of technology that we use in our daily web design lives we began to notice some trends that we quite honestly thought had put to rest years ago.

Take for example how social media is used from the website design perspective. Every modern website seems to fly the flag of some social media channel but the interaction is well – quaint. When you consider that it was two decades ago that usability expert Jakob Nielsen documented the proper use of links to external sites – it appears that a huge portion of websites still direct users away from the site and towards these social media channels. The result is a disruption in task – it’s the equivalent of yelling ‘SQUIRREL’ in a room full of dogs. Consumers leave the site and become distracted by various other activities on social media. Probably not a good idea unless Facebook develops a way to make eCommerce happen and until then – any small business will want to keep consumers engaged right where they should be – on your website.

At Buffalo Website Design we integrate a social media strategy into every site we build. We apply usability design principals and best practices to keep your customers on task – moving towards the sale. For more information about how our web development team can drive engagement and increase sales call (716) 218-9884 today.