How a Website Designer Ranks in His Former Hometown

February 20, 2012 Website Design 0 Comments

Buffalo Website Design started out with a single goal. To get a site ranked in my hometown without actually living there. Using the SEO practices we use at Red Rocket Web Specialists – where I work as a Senior Designer – I launched Buffalo Website Design in late November.

As of today, just four months later – my site sits at number nine in the Google rankings and number seven with Yahoo and Bing, as it has for the past two weeks. There’s plenty of debate as to why I have not continued to climb – just about everyone agrees that Buffalo Website Design is ‘sandboxed’ although there’s plenty of SEO experts out there that claim there’s ‘no such thing’.

Despite all the excellent SEO work, there’s minor tweaking to be done as there has been for the past few weeks. But no tweak has made such a difference as I’m guessing waiting my turn will make.