Why Your Website Designer Should Think Like Your Customers

February 26, 2015 Website Design

We’ve lost track of all the graphic designers and website development companies proclaim to ‘think different’ – shamelessly ripping off Apple’s successful advertising campaign from almost 20 years ago. You see, that’s just the problem when the goal of your business is to understand how consumers think and what their expectations are when looking for a business partner.

Designing a gorgeous-looking website can certainly help your audience understand the value of your brand but can it convert consumers into customers? The simple answer is no. The problem is that design can often over-simplify the expectations of the customer in an effort to be more visual efficient. It is designing the happy path and understanding how the consumer will interact with all of the various controls, and how they relate to each other in the workspace, that enables consumers to make a very primative decision such as ‘fight or flight’ or ‘hunt and gather’.

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