Buffalo Website Design Predictions for 2012, Part One

January 1, 2012 Website Design 0 Comments

With every new year, those of us in the web design profession look back and take the pulse of what worked, what didn’t and most importantly what’s going to be the next design trend. Here’s our list courtesy of Buffalo Website Design.

What was great?

  1. Brevity. The emphasis on content and search engine optimization has led to conversational, keyword-laced copy that is straight to the point, and the beneficiary of this movement is the website designer.
  2. The Funnel. I learned about the funnel from the creative team at Sapient Nitro – and I’ve been implementing this user experience in every website design ever since. The concept of chauffeuring your audience through a site is taking the best of multimedia and the web.
  3. Web Fonts. At some point, most likely when designers began to rekindle their love for Helvetica – Google Fonts came along and allowed designers to break away from the web font prison. With the re-discovery of @font-face, and the EOT format website designers are again pushing the envelope.

Check back next week for the Part Two – Buffalo Website Design will discuss what didn’t work in 2012.