Why Your Website Design Should Make Good Marketing Sense

October 30, 2013 Website Design

I’ve lost count of the number of website design meetings that I’ve attended where during the big reveal a designer attempts to persuade business owners and marketing people of how important it is that consumers feel a connection and have some sort of emotional response to web design.

The reality is – and most designers won’t admit this – design without function falls short of making a connection and delivering on a response. However, what most web design gurus will admit to is that web design is really hard and unless you’re dealing with marketing people or the occasional enlightened business owner – is under appreciated and under valued.

Now, on top of that issue – creating great design that actually functions in such a way that is tethered to marketing goals, well – that’s usually reserved for the big clients. Again – what the web designers won’t tell you is that big clients only come along once every blue moon and when it does eventually happen – the practice of designing for functionality is a tad bit rusty, the process is forgotten and ignored in favor of delivering with plenty of profit margin.

At Buffalo Website Design, let us give you the numbers to back up our claims. Here’s one for starters – our websites cost 70% less than other forms of traditional marketing and can provide up to 300% of the response. So why are you running those print ads when your customers are using smart phones to find your website? I hope your answer is because your customers are over the age of 65 and have a generous disposable income or you might be throwing your money away.