Does Your Website Design Code Have Style?

January 2, 2013 Website Design

When you consider that your website design code is the equivalent to your workspace – but rather than piles of papers, or greasy tools and rags – our workspace says a lot about us as website designers. I’ve worked with developers who have spent hundreds of minutes scanning through their self-inflicted spaghetti for redundant code and I’ve worked with developers who pieced out every single chunk of essential code into includes and had as many stylehseets too.

As we’ve posted here in the past – taking style into consideration with your code is simply a smart working plan. And we’ve heard that old saying before – plan your work and work your plan. Projects come together quicker, and client expectations are met and hopefully exceeded.

Making good use of comments, white space, indents – is simply good practice. It creates pride in your work and can be more efficient when problem-solving. As we’ve seen today – with the CSS3 upgrade, having to go back with our own code can sometimes present some problems.

Having a tidy workspace can save you tons of time and build a ton of confidence when presented with maintenance issues.