Has Your Website Design Begun to Rot?

August 28, 2013 Website Design

Chances are that if you’re constantly adding elements to your website design – your website has begin to rot. Not quite in the same way that a banana might become soft, brown and unimpressive on the counter next to the toaster but in the user-experience respect. When your website was first designed, chances are that it didn’t have too many bells and whistles – and therefore it was quite simple to establish patterns of experience that your visitors could quickly grasp and expect over time.

However, with time new features and design elements have been integrated and those simple experience patterns have become more complex, and each interaction is now somewhat different which results in the visitor feeling insecure. When our visitors feel insecure they are less likely to stay on our site, interact with our site or – trust our website with a credit card.

At Buffalo Website Design – we have decades of experience creating user-interfaces and user-experiences. Whenever we create a website design for our customers we draw upon a library of usability patterns that build user engagement and consumer confidence. If you’re website designer isn’t thinking about how to maximize your return on investment, and putting a stop to your website rot – please call Buffalo Website Design today at (716) 218-9884.