Why That Old Website of Yours is Costing Your Business Money?

September 25, 2013 Website Design

When I began my career as a website designer twenty years ago, simply having a website was a big deal. We learned the hard way that not every visitor had a fast internet connection, or a big monitor like most designers, or specific software to view animations. So what’s changed in that two decades and how do these changes affect small businesses who want to compete in the digital marketplace?

For starters, we know more about what consumers are looking for and how they expect to find it. And with so many options, if those expectations are not met – consumers have no problem moving on with the simplicity and speed of Google. Web designers have learned to integrate search engine optimization, usability research and user-experience best practices to reach new customers and keep them engaged with customer retention marketing. Simply having a website is no longer enough, it’s about providing service, delivering content and making our customers lives easier through the power of the web.

If that old website of yours is creating more problems than it solves – by not conforming to new technology standards such as mobile devices or resolutions, not search engine friendly or engaging – then you’re prolonging the sales cycle and branding your business as ‘out of touch’. You may be turning away customers before you’ve even had the chance to greet them at the door.

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