How Your Website Can Benefit from Internal Linking

Most web designers and developers understand the importance of internal linking – but if you’re a small business looking to increase your search engine rankings than take a minute and check out internal linking.

First and Foremost – Increase Traffic
Getting visitors to your site is only half the battle – true, but getting visitors to bounce around within your site can be just a valuable if not more so. Including links from your blog posts to other blog posts, other pages. Get your content-thirsty audience to your site and keep them there using internal links.

Inbound Links Boost Page Ranking
With the appropriate SEO expertise, your blog posts can also create inbound links to your money pages. As your site begins to attract more and more visitors, and your audience begins to share more and more of your content – the quantity of those inbound links will multiply.

Eliminating Duplicate Content
Content scrapers are a real problem – duplicating your content and lowering your ranking with search engines. A great way to track down these chiselers is by using the internal links to identify the pingback.