Why Your Website Should Avoid Integrating Facebook Comments

April 2, 2015 Website Design

Every website designer is familiar with Facebooks’ comment plugin – it’s been a reliable option for years – but considering the recent events with Starbucks as well as some other local brands who have seemingly committed brand Hari-Kari, your friendly neighborhood Buffalo Website Design team would highly encourage small business to avoid comments on your website.

First of all, your website is not a social media app and probably never will be. Your website is in fact very much like an annual report – a marketing tool that accentuates the positives and reinforces the stated evidence of that success with quantifiable data, ya know – charts and stuff.

Perhaps your a successful small business that has cultivated a great deal of context in the social media domain – then you’ve probably hired a social media expert to manage the brand experience through various social media channels. Even at this point of success, it’s highly unlikely that any business owner would care to address customer complaints – no matter how petty or ridiculous – on their website.

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