Why Your Web Designer’s Process is Failing Your Business

November 6, 2013 Website Design

Very few web design experts or agencies develop websites around a user-centered framework. What that means is that solutions are often comprised of what the designer thinks is ‘awesome’ or ‘gnarly’ and what the client has requested in a creative design brief. Most clients refer to untethered creativity as ‘making it pop’. It’s actually been a few years since I checked to see how many designers were using strategy briefs but the concept of asking the client about what they wanted to see in their website or what their biggest business challenge might be – was a foreign concept just a year ago. But, back to our discussion about the web design process.

This typical design process occurs in a vacuum – every site is looked upon as an opportunity to win a design award or pad a portfolio but never to increase website traffic and improve conversions. Business and design are like oil and water to most website designers and therefore legitimate business goals are rarely considered or taken seriously. For the average designer – any creative tethered to a business reality is not creative at all but considered a ‘sell out’.

At Buffalo Website Design, our process is focused on creating a user-experience that aligns with your company’s brand. Our websites are an example of what customers must experience in your store – a useful, credible and accessible space that customers assign value. Our web design is about solving your business problems from a happy path that consumers are comfortable with and understand how to navigate.

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