Three Ways That Trendy Website Design is Bad for Business

February 16, 2012 Website Design 0 Comments

1. It’s Short Term
In the internet age, it doesn’t take very long for something trendy to become very cliche. And once something becomes cliche, it’s going to take a long time for your audience to become interested again. Doing something original, even if the impact is minimal – it’s a safer bet than wanting to be the ‘next Apple’.

2. Brands Start Trends, Not Vice Versa.
Chances are you’ve plunked some coin to differentiate yourself from your competition. And there’s a very good chance that what’s trendy doesn’t fit into your brand persona. So why confuse your customers with something out of character?

3. Cheapens the Brand
Perhaps your business model is cheap carpet cleaning and beating a trendy horse to death is how you communicate that? Got Dirt? Just Clean It. Think Cleanliness. Consumers don’t think highly of brands that not intelligent to discover their own success.