Why Should You Validate Your Website Design Code?

April 16, 2014 Website Design

While there’s no proof on the web that your latest website design is failing with search engines because of invalid code, it is a safe assumption that without proper opening and closing tags search engines will fail to understand your content. Let’s think about this – imagine walking up to a friend while they were engaged in a conversation. It’s a whopper of a story and has no sign of coming to a conclusion anytime soon. So, you walk away with no clue with what that conversation was all about.

You could draw similarities between that long, drawn out conversation and invalid code with improper opening and or closing tags. Google attempts to learn what your website content is about but because there’s seemingly no end or conclusion in sight – the spiders just bail and your website design never achieves the glory you envisioned.

Good news is that anyone can check out the W3C markup validation service by the World Wide Web Consortium – just enter your URL and click the validate button. What you’ll get back is a lot of geek-speak about your website but no need to freak out – just copy and paste the errors into Google and you’ll find a vast amount of documentation to help you resolve your validation error.

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