How to Validate the Existence of Your Small Business Website

October 16, 2013 Website Design

When a Buffalo Website Design customer reaches out to us – and our team begins the design process, we’re constantly measuring our solutions against the goals and objectives of the customer. “What does this design solution say about our customer”? “Are we achieving their goals?” Each customer is interviewed to determine what our creative strategy is as we approach each web design project.

Our team spends a little time tearing apart our solutions so we’re not wasting our customers time with an endless number of revisions and to ensure that despite all the new things we’ve learned about our customer’s business – we’re still on target.

Each opportunity to discuss the requirements of every website project maintains a ‘top of mind’ approach to our customers objectives. With that ability to validate the proposed solution it presents an opportunity to test other theories but most importantly – deliver a valid web existence for every small business.

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