How User Expectations Justify Website Design

June 12, 2013 Website Design

The mainstream website will soon be celebrating it’s 20th anniversary and since it’s inception, Buffalo Website Design has been collecting usability feedback¬† such as – what navigation menus have the most success, or what users expect when clicking hyperlinks, buttons – et cetera.

Since the first decade we have seen a few user habits emerge and dictate design. For example, vertical navigation has given way to horizontal menus. Scanning patterns have emerged based on the advertising standards and research has emerged from major universities that suggest user have a more positive reaction to some button labels than others.

Often times customers will expect to be ‘blown away’ by design that ‘pops’ but the reality is that your customers are actually freaked out by new design. It’s never a good user-experience to design a navigation menu that is different for the sake of being different without making the lives of customers easier. And chances are if you’re customer is a small business – they’re definitely not willing to pay you to explore that kind of design.

At Buffalo Website Design – we design what works for customers. It’s engaging, non-threatening – results driven. We’re very capable of designing bleeding-edge stuff but our goal is to help our customers level the playing field and grow their business.

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