Twitter Releases WordPress Plug-in for Wed Designers

March 26, 2015 Website Design

Late last month, web designers received some great news in the wake of Google’s Hummingbird release placing even a greater emphasis on social media. Twitter has released a WordPress plug-in that brings a wide-variety of features together in one legitimate plug-in.

Niall Kennedy was quoted as saying “We created this plugin to serve the common needs of most modern publishers while allowing for extensibility and WordPress API integrations by other WordPress plugins or site-specific customizations”, he continued ““All Twitter JavaScript is loaded through WordPress resource managers for optimized execution. Twitter Cards are customized by post format and post type. Sharing options are only presented for a public post status. The plugin is globally available in 28 languages. If you’re a PHP or WordPress developer interested in learning more,our full plugin code, including underlying PHP libraries, is available on GitHub under the MIT license.”

While the team at Buffalo Website Design is very excited about the ability to share website content with a top-tier social media site like Twitter, we’re especially excited about Google’s new partnership with Twitter that enables Tweets to be indexed by Google’s search engine.

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