Top Five Tips When Using QR Codes

January 31, 2012 Website Design 0 Comments
  1. Smartphones will most certainly be the only device used to scan the QR code so it’s a good idea that wherever you decide to drive traffic – it’s smartphone compatible.
    The whole code will need to be scanned so before you create a 10-foot square QR code for a window display be sure your audience will not have to stand in the middle of a busy street to scan the code.
  2. Test the image before producing your QR code – that means using various apps and looking for consistent results.
    Currently, the demographics of consumers scanning these codes are mostly men ages 16-35. That’s not a diverse audience so take that into consideration before applying QR codes to a beauty salon ad.
  3. Be sure that wherever the code is being displayed – there’s internet access. Applying a QR code to a dairy farm truck in rural Alabama is probably not going to get much action.
  4. Wherever you decide to land consumers – be sure to add some sort of tracking i.e. Google Analytics. Some QR code generators re-direct traffic through their sites and offer tracking. Check it out before frustrating your audience.
  5. QR codes are still fairly new so it’s important to educate your audience why they are used. Adding a call to action is always a great idea.