Top Ten Reasons Website Projects Fail: Part Five – Decision by Committee

September 7, 2012 Website Design 0 Comments

There’s nothing to fear about committees when they’re involved early in the process but our number five reason website projects fail is when the committee is brought in late in the process and are relied on to make decisions. We’ve all heard that old saying ‘too many cooks in the kitchen’, it’s true regardless what your goals are.

At Buffalo Website Design – we’ve developed a thorough process for delivering design with clearly defined goals and the result has allowed decision-makers to rationalize everything from color psychology to consumer habits to a committee. Having said that – there’s really nothing wrong with including a committee – what’s really important is at what point during the process the committee gets involved and how much authority do they have.

Our recommendation would be to involve the committee during the initial pitch rather than later in the process. Delays can prevent your website project from launching on time and revising your project at this point will surely break your budget. Too many times, key decision makers will attend the final meeting prior to launch and have revisions that require both design and development teams to go back to the drawing board. Both parties should avoid this at all costs – it’s definitely not healthy for the business relationship and when you consider that most clients will require on-going training – this could be detrimental to the partnership.