Top Ten Reasons Website Projects Fail: Part One – Preparation

Our first reason usually happens right before the project even gets started.

Lack of Preparation
Before the clock starts ticking and website designers, developers and content managers start earning a living a lack of preparation starts to erode the confidence of your team. Every website project needs a designated project manager whose responsible for wrangling all parties and their contributions. Nominate someone, anyone – even yourself – and pull together a few goals, functional requirements, any ideas your client may have, any branding, logos or required artwork, and inventory of articles and promotions, and most importantly – a detailed list of third-party providers i.e., PayPal, ConstantContact, etc.

Spend an hour or two and get organized before the project begins and you’ll save yourself days of lost revenue attempting to make up for overlooking those details early on.

[quote author=”Unknown”]A great idea is a job half done.[/quote]