Top Five Things To Do Rather Than Invest in Facebook

For what seems like the past year – Facebook’s initial public offering has whipped the top 1% into a frenzy and left the rest of us scratching our heads. “Facebook sucks” is what I hear when I explain to clients looking for a fast, simple social media strategy to integrate into their website design. It’s algorithm for displaying your friends status updates are censored based on popularity, the number of comments, and whether or not it includes photos. So rather than join the sheeple and spend our hard-earned cash on what looks to us web-industry types – we’ve come up with a top five list of things to do with $38 than invest it in Facebook.

1. 36 Coronas and two limes will cost you roughly $38 and will most likely last longer than Facebook’s coolness.

2. Donate $38 to a local charity – especially one that helps kids. Be sure it’s a 501-c3 and avoid those types who profit from the generosity of others.

3. Buy $38 worth of groceries and donate them to the local food bank.

4. Hire a kid to mow your lawn, wash your car or walk your dog for $10 and tip them $28

5. Take your family to see a movie at a locally-owned movie theatre. Tickets cost about $5 and spend the rest at the concession stand.