Top Three Things Developers Can Learn from Designers

February 13, 2012 Website Design 0 Comments

One of the most frustrating things for any designer is to see their work completely hacked at by a developer who is more interested in ‘clean code’ or other equally nerdy things than delivering on the ability to convert pixels into HTML and CSS. So – I’ve put together a few tips for developers who may not have the luxury of working with a front-end developer – and work directly with designers.

1. Embrace the Grid
Developers have a tendency to think in terms of code, line by line – rather than creating grid structures to populate with content. From a development standpoint – this process should work – technically – but the reality is the design begins to come apart at the seams.

2. Framework Matters
Controlling the placement of content is a small percentage of the battle, but if you’re on top of your game – it’s something that can get nailed down rather quickly and the time remaining can be focused on content.

3. Excellence is in the Details
Too many times I’ve seen builds address site structure and content simultaneously – usually ending in disaster. It’s rare to find developers who can look at design and understand how design works. It starts with the grid and it ends with the details. Understanding how a single-pixel of line-height can make something 150% more legible on the web. It doesn’t strike most developers as meaningful until they see the difference first hand – then, they usually start appreciating good design.