Top 3 Ways Tablet Dominance Will Impact Website Design

March 12, 2012 Website Design 0 Comments

Last month, a columnist projected that tablet sales will surpass personal computer sales by 2015. As a website designer and graphic user-interface specialist – I have begun implementing various design and development considerations to accommodate various devices – including the tablet. Below are the top three ways we believe the emergence of the tablet as the preferred device will impact website design.

  1. Responsive Design will become the standard.
    The hype around responsive design has been growing however, as I’ve posted here – we believe that depending on whether or not the negatives outweigh the positives – will determine is longevity as king. As for Buffalo Website Design, we are currently working on a hybrid model that equally satisfies as responsive design intends – but in addition also compliments our clients marketing strategies. More to come as we refine this process.
  2. The Website as we know it will disappear.
    That’s right – tablets will usher in a new era that lays the traditional website to rest. What will replace it you ask? Easy – the app. Applications such as PhoneGap are making it easier for the website designer to convert sites into mobile applications but there will come a time when the website will simply vanish in favor of the app – and that could very well happen by 2015.
  3. More complicated input devices will appear.
    My biggest complaint with tablets – even laptops – has been the lack of physical space with which to work. There’s a very good reason my 27-inch iMac is my preferred device at the present – simply because it allows me to doodle in a much larger sandbox and have a visual reference of that process. If the decline of the desktop PC gives way to the tablet users will most certainly require more intelligent devices to control their workflow. One such UI is the now defunct ‘spaces’ on a Mac – an interactive space to push back from the workspace and analyze all work not just a single document.