Top 3 Ways to Spot a Bad Website Designer

June 19, 2013 Website Design

If I had a nickel for every website designer in the Western New York area I’d be a rich man. So how can a small business owner in Buffalo sort out good designers from the bad, well – here’s three easy tips for spotting the hobbyist looking for a quick payday.

Artists Versus Designers

Ever notice how all the really great artists have suffered emotionally? That’s the motivation behind great art – self-indulgence. There’s even an old saying that a great artist is a hungry artist. Well, you can’t say that about designers – they create solutions. In fact, just recently the tech industry discovered how genius designers were and couple them with software engineers to create user-experience designers. Why? Keep reading.

Designers Solve Problems

For a majority of small business owners – it’s not about how to get their brand online (woah, that just sounded so twenty years ago) it’s about engaging consumers, remaining top of mind, and solving a particular problem. There’s usually two problems small business owners have with websites – how to get more traffic and how to convert more sales.

A pretty website that parodies the emotional metamorphism of personal psychosis isn’t going to lure search engines or convince click-throughs.


There are many disciplines under the website design umbrella. You have designers of course, developers, search engine optimization, user-interaction, user-experience – I’m sure there will be several more this time tomorrow. The point is that if your website designer isn’t capable of including any of these other disciplines into your website design – you might be in big trouble.

As mentioned earlier – there are two problems with every website. Understanding how design impacts user-interaction and creates good user-experience habits may be the catalyst for failure or success. Be sure that your website designer is taking a holistic approach to the most important marketing investments you can make for your business.