The Top 3 Signs You Got Burned by Your Website Designer

February 7, 2012 Website Design 0 Comments

Earlier today we posted ‘The 3 Mistakes Clients Make’ and to be fair – there’s a lot of website designers out there who have dropped the ball too. Here’s a few signs for clients that they’ve been burned by website designers.

1. No Mention of Content
Either the client or the website designer is responsible for content and there needs to be a clear conversation about who does what and when. If your website designer hasn’t had that conversation with you, don’t be surprised if the result is something more design-oriented rather than the marketing tool most clients are looking for.

2. Text to Image Ratio
If your website designer has designed your website in such a way that it can’t be edited or updated without a tool like Photoshop – it’s not going to help search engines find your site. Worse yet – your site is probably a total bandwidth suck and frustrating your visitors.

3. Completely Ignoring Standards
If your website designer built your website to look great on his 27-inch iMac but it looks horrible on your 17-inch notebook – there’s a real good indication that your website designer ignored web standards. If your site isn’t welcoming to all visitors – you’re spending a lot of money to drive business away.

For the best results – it’s always a great idea to have a friend on the inside whom can educate you on the rights and wrongs of website design. Even if you’re spending less than $10k for a site, speaking to a consultant even for a few hours will save tens of thousands of dollars in the next years to come.