Top 3 Pointers That Make a SEO-Friendly Websites

February 9, 2012 Website Design 0 Comments

Every website design should include some discussion regarding search engine optimization. But what every client should know is what makes a SEO-friendly website. Well, not to fret – I’ve put together a short list.

1. Validated Code
Validating your websites code ensures that various web browsers across different platforms can accurately display your website but most importantly it ensures that search engine can read the content of your website without question – improving your chances of being ranked. And what good is your website if customers can find it?

2. Alt Tags
Search engines can’t exactly read the content of an image so using alt tags is a way to inform search engines what your images are about. It’s also a good idea for those with lesser bandwidth to understand what it is they’re not seeing or for disabled users who rely on alt tags to understand your content.

3. CSS Design
Not letting your content and code mingle provides search engines easy access to your site, making indexing your site a breeze.