Top 3 Things That Will Kill Your Website Design Project

Over the past year – there’s always a few projects that seem to get a little pear shaped and more often than not – the main reason why a website design project goes a little hairy is because of a lack of preparation upfront. For those diving into a project for the first hand, or maybe the website designer whose attempting to refine their process – these are the top three things that will kill your project.

1. Not Being Prepared Before the Website Design Project Begins
This goes for designers and clients – provide all the information you can including what your expectations are, functional requirements, content of the site, any branding information, schedule of milestones and goals, and most importantly – a clear statement of your expectations.

2. Inability to Make Decisions
If you follow the advice in number one, you should have a clear statement of what your website design expectations and goals are. Without them, it will be nearly impossible to make a solid decision and or build any case for the reasons why that decision should be made. If you find yourself in a situation where the project has become stalled – then perhaps revisiting the advice in point number one will help.

3. Limited Accessibility to Key Contact or Project Manager
Both the website designer and the client should arrange to identify the key points of contact during the initial stages of the project but most importantly when the ideal time to reach these parties are, and a sunset policy meaning – no question should go unanswered for more than 24 hours or both parties should agree to the understanding that project deadlines will be rescheduled.