Why the Time is Now to Improve Your Small Business Web Presence

January 22, 2014 Website Design

On a recent web development job the team at Buffalo Website Design was confronted with a problem regarding what to expose to the user when navigating across a series of tiles that formed a unique and visual interface. It was an interesting exercise to discuss and move between environments – how users interact on desktops and how they interact on smart phones and tablets.

In short, this is a discussion that every small business should be having when reviewing their website presence. The harsh reality is – now that the lost decade has seemingly come to an end – is that technology has marched on and few small businesses are taking advantage. More than 80% of potential customers are using search engines to find small business but an almost equal percentage are now using smart phones.

What does this mean for small business is a tourist driven region like Western New York? If you’re depending on a portion of sales to come from tourists then its time to include responsive design in your marketing budget. You’ll provide your customers with a professional user-experience regardless of device but you’ll have to answer the tough questions like how and when to expose users to your content.

The team at Buffalo Website Design is hearer to help you navigate those difficult choices. Just pick up the phone today and give us a call at (716) 219-9984.