How to Tell it’s Time to Fire Your SEO Company

July 14, 2014 Website Design

In the world of website design there are a lot of players. Everyone seems to be a web design expert these days. There are agencies full of former Best Buy employees – all wearing matching shirts with the company logo embroidered on them like a NASCAR team. Then there’s your neighbor’s ex-wife’s kid who lives in a dark corner of a basement listening to Nine Inch Nails and poking holes in his or her face.

If you’re serious about your business you’ve hired a professional website designer who has talked to you about why websites work – not the how. You could not care less about the how you’ve got better things to do and that’s why you’ve hired a professional. This professional should have some insight into search engine optimization – the nerdy stuff that drives traffic to a website and how usability plays a key role in driving engagement – lowering bounce rates while increasing task flow.

SEO gurus understanding that what they do is a contrast – a paradigm shift – to traditional methods of marketing. In the grand scheme of things – while its true that SEO and traditional methods of marketing tailor content towards consumers its the method that that content is being delivered that is the contrast. 92% of consumers use search because its a trusted form of finding content. How many people do you know that choose the Yellow Pages to find a business? How many people like ads interrupting their favorite TV shows, radio programs or magazine articles?

So why would you hire a company that specializes in SEO yet recommends forms of traditional marketing? Doesn’t make sense to us – if your SEO professional can’t deliver and has to rely on traditional marketing to supplement to garner results – it just might be time to give them their walking papers.

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