Why is Now the Best Time to Design a New Website for Your Small Business?

October 2, 2013 Website Design

There’s been a lot of changes to the web since 1990 – for starters the minimum browser resolution has expanded from 640 pixels to 1024 back to a lean 320 pixels on a smart phone. Speaking of smart phones – if you’re not concerned with how your business (which on the web is synonymous with your website) is being perceived then think again. In 2012, more people used their phone and tablet to access the web than desktop computers and that number is not changing anytime soon. Want further proof? Take a look at computer manufacturer Dell – who was the leading seller of desktop PCs just a few years ago. Now? Well, they’re no longer in the PC business.

Some other changes include this idea that every visitor is using a mouse to access content on your site, or that they’re on a high-speed connection of some kind. Thanks to the smart phone and tablet – the mouse has given way to gesturing and white spaces (the frequencies once used by television before cable dominated the market and thought to be a way of delivering high-speed internet to the masses) is still a decade away.

Today, users want clean, intuitive user-interfaces that deliver relevant content quickly even on 3G networks. Some of the problems small business faces when creating a presence online are website designers who lack the knowledge and discipline to understand these challenges and deliver results-oriented design. While many web designers have gotten on board with delivering responsive design – few have used responsive design to provide their clients with the ability to leverage user-experience and crush the competition.

With recent news that Google will begin punishing websites that do not support responsive design – the website design community can only imagine that sometime in the future, Google will begin to punish small business whose websites lack a user-experience that delivers on expectations.

The great news is that Buffalo Website Design is the only Buffalo-area website design company that has experience with design, development, search engine optimization, marketing and user-experience design at a corporate level – and can deliver small business in Western New York with an advantage when it comes to online marketing tools that deliver results.

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