How to Test the Effectiveness of User-interface Icon Design

July 31, 2013 Website Design

At Buffalo Website Design, we have made a very conscience effort to avoid visceral emotions when it comes to creating website design for our customers. Tthat dedication to designing with a data-driven approach has help our customers increase their consumer engagement and convert more clicks into sales. Today we’re going to discuss how icon design can impact your user-interface and how to test those icons for efficiency.

Contrast Association
Provided your test group with an icon along with both correct and incorrect functions. Tally up the responses to determine the percentages.

Reverse Association
Provide your test group with a function and present a few random choices.

Present your test group with an icon for a few seconds and ask participants to write down as many words as they can about what they perceive the definition to be.

Show and Tell
Present and icon to your test group and encourage an open dialogue. Take note of words or phrases that are repeated.

Present individuals in your test group an icon and explain its meaning to another individual.

Contextual Associations
Present icons to your test group in isolated fashion as well as in their natural habitat. Screen shots of icon families as they appear on a website can change their meaning.

Present your test group with a screen shot of your website and ask participants to find the correct icon. Tally up the correct responses for a measure of success.

The website design team at Buffalo Website Design has collected over 15 years of usability testing and interface best practices so our customers know that a Buffalo Website Design is a results-driven online marketing tool designed to grow small business. For more information, give us a call today at (716) 218-9984.