Why You’re Surrounded by Bad UX and What to Do About It?

June 23, 2014 Website Design

This past weekend, I was taking a much deserved break from my usual web design duties and decided to take my family out to a local outdoor festival for some live music and barbecue. In our excitement to have a little fun in the sun, neither my wife or I even considered we’d need some cash for a cover charge. So, after a long wait in line we finally got to the ticket window to discover that bank cards were not being accepted – it was purely a cash transaction.

Now lets stop for a moment and consider a few things. Imagine that this event is a website and this website design is so poorly done that it takes a very long time to load. Once the website is loaded a message is displayed that informs you that your website browser won’t work with this site. On top of that – you’ve got a little extra money in your pocket that you’re looking to spend in exchange for a good time but your form of currency in not compatible either.

But wait – it gets better. While I’m rolling my eyes in disbelief as to why anyone would design such a customer experience that doesn’t help people from wanting to spend their hard-earned money I notice an ATM machine just 15 feet away from the ticket window – inside the venue. I had to ask why the ticket window was not properly equipped to handle contemporary methods of payment and then place an ATM just out of reach of consumers?

We’re surrounded by bad user-experiences in our daily lives but you can do something about it. Point it out – make people aware of how limited the experience is and how it could be better. This includes website design – frustrated by a lack continuity or bad user-experience – drop a quick email to the marketing department.

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