Is the Solution to Search Really Just a Better Navigation Design?

January 15, 2014 Website Design

When designing user-interfaces for websites, web design professionals are often faced with applying some value to the topics to be contained in a navigation and the order in which they appear. Someone, somewhere will have an urgent need to have instant access to something as seemingly  frivolous as frequently asked questions and as website designers we’ll have to solve it.

There’s an old story about the drunk who drops his keys but only searches for them where the light from a lamp has illuminated the scene. While the task of searching for his lost keys is made much easier by the light – it’s preventing the drunk from moving away from his comfort zone.

There’s a tendency to design ‘simple’ and mistake it as ‘clean’. Simplifying the process can include exposing widgets of access in addition to the main navigation – sometimes referred to as ‘funnels’ where access or ‘deep dives’ into content are one-click away just like any typical navigation.

The same could be said for using the search feature however, sifting through search results adds a certain level of complexity not to mention having to organize search results in such a way that mimics the funnel. Search should never be underestimated since its what visitors expect and already understand how it works.

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