Why Every Small Business Should Have a Killer Website

February 6, 2013 Website Design

Before I started my career in website design, I spent a decade designing print advertising. Since then, I’ve been working on the digital side – it’s been nearly 15 years. To this day, I’m astonished that small business owners still consider traditional forms of marketing such as print ads, direct mail and outdoor to be a smart strategy.

The reality is, using traditional forms of marketing cost nearly 600% more than building a great website. When you consider the cost per customer – having a killer website, and by killer I mean a website that looks great, engages customers and reaches it’s intended audience. While the overall cost may be five times that of designing and producing a half-page ad for your local newspaper – the return on your investment is tenfold.

It has been estimated that the cost of earning a new customer via print can cost anywhere from $100 – $160, mostly due to the fact that print ads have a shorter lifespan and lower response rate. In contrast, a great website design strategy can provide 36-60 months of service and with an average response rate of 30% – the cost per new customer could start at $0.50.

That’s simply smart business right? Getting the most out of every single penny is the difference between being marginally employable and being a successful business owner.

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