What Separates Great Typography from Average Typography

The simple answer is white space. Insert rimshot here. But really, it’s that simple.

In recent weeks I’ve had to explain what that finesse is that separates my website design from what developers have ultimately feed through the meat grinder that is HTML.

In short – a sensitivity to typography. I’ve often explained that sensitivity as a theory or practice, so that it might give some insight in the completely subjective reality that is graphic design.

What’s the theory? SIP – or – signal, information, pause. The signal, or headline – stops the reader in their tracks and deliberately, and cognitively tells them ‘This is important.’ Secondly, we have our information – the meat of the sandwich – our paragraph content.

Followed by the most important element – our pause. This is what separates great designers from your average designer. That sensitivity to what is sacred in all art – knowing when to stop. Heck – this theory even works with sandwich making. Case in point – too much mayonnaise.