How to Use SEO to Design Intuitive Navigation Taxonomies

April 9, 2014 Website Design

Since the dawn of website design more than 20 years ago customer requirements and expectations have become more robust. It’s simply not enough to have a good looking site – it has to generate traffic and engage visitors.

Recently in the world of web design, the space with which traffic and engagement intersects has become a very hot topic. This space, or taxonomy – is the practice of understand content and its relationships to users. We use taxonomies to organize content and tag that content with search terms that enhance our search engine optimization strategy.

To leverage that careful consideration and design, taxonomies can be used to deliver content that drives engagement – for example, the BBC uses taxonomy as a method of exposing user-specific content based on viewing history. For the typical small-business – a taxonomy can be to help define a brand, develop content for specific niches and drive website engagement.

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