Does Search Engine Optimization Really Work?

January 8, 2014 Website Design

This past week the song lyrics site Rap Genius got the Google smack down for attempting to use black hat SEO practices to improve their website ranking. Google responded and Rap Genius was forced to play nice.

So the question is – does search engine optimization really work? The answer is yes without a doubt but only if done properly. That is the typically the biggest fail – small business attempting to rank well according to white hat practices hire self-proclaimed SEO professionals only to fall short of expectations.

We’re at a unique crossroads for SEO professionals – a majority of small business has some understanding of what search engine optimization is however few can do it properly. With the unemployment rate hovering around 7% – there are hundreds of thousands of freelancing web designers claiming to be SEO gurus. But is there a history of results?

In the case of Rap Genius – Google busted them when it was caught asking people to include links to their site from their blogs regardless if the blog had anything to do with music. So, yes – search engine optimization really does work and Google is paying attention.

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