The Reality of the Website Rubicon: When to Admit You’re Screwed

May 15, 2013 Website Design

As a website designer, I’m often contacted to fix an existing website. Perhaps the customer wanted search engine optimization and their designer had little knowledge of SEO and that designer bails. Happens all the time – especially when small business owners decide to use an amateur website designer.

For example – if you bought a car with a diesel engine and after a few months you realized how few gas stations there were in your neighborhood that sold diesel fuel – you might want to get a new car. You wouldn’t go see a mechanic about converting your cars engine to run unleaded fuel – it would simply cost more than the car is probably worth, right?

Luckily, converting an HTML website into a WordPress website is not exactly that difficult but 99.9% of the time it’s usually cheaper to start the entire process over than spend your time re-engineering what’s already been created and then shoehorning that site into WordPress.