You’re Not Ranking #1 Anymore Dorothy

January 23, 2013 Website Design

Over the years, we’ve called on several local businesses to discuss website design and search engine optimization. Several times, we’ve come across business owners who have bought into the concept of social media driving traffic to their websites – which is simply not true.

What we discovered was some social media gurus were tricking their clients into doing personalized queries for their website. Over time, these queries are stored as part of your browsers history. Any future searches would return results based on your recent search history and thus the results are misrepresented.

To get a more accurate result – make sure you are not logged into Google and delete any browser history. I will make use of a browser like Opera, something I don’t normally use on a day to day basis. Now, try that search query again and you can expect better results. For a broader scope of how well your keywords are performing – try changing the location of your query by chaining your zip code in the locations pane along the left-hand side of the page.