Five Questions to Ask When Reviewing Website Design

February 15, 2012 Website Design 0 Comments

We have a saying at Buffalo Website Design – get in, or get out. No, it has nothing to do with employment status, but rather design. You see – there’s no reason for a logo to be slightly off-center. So, get in the middle, or get out.
Here are five questions every website designer needs to ask themselves before presenting to the client.

1. Is that worth scrolling?
Depending on what we want our visitors to do when they arrive at our site – we can’t have every action item above the fold. So, we like give those visitors who take the time to scour content and read details an incentive to sign up for an email blast, or newsletter.

2. What’s the obvious next step?
Now that our visitors have clicked through the action-items its important that confirming email addresses or subscriptions is an obvious thing – that branding is being carried over. With all that clicking going on – users need a little affirmation that they’ve not been tricked into visiting another site.

3. How does this change someone’s mind?
One recent client touted themselves as ‘easy to work with’ so it’s imperative that their website is as intuitive as possible. Big friendly buttons, passive colors – all reinforce the brand experience and help convince our visitors that it’s all about easy. Does your web experience do the same?

4. How can we make this more obvious?
My background is in corporate graphics and when I first began designing for the web – subtlety was not something that was user friendly. I’m fond of doing what I call the ‘squint test’ – if something on the page has a 75% ‘gray value’ when I squint, I want to be sure to pump up the contrast, type size – whatever it takes to make that design element as obvious as possible.

5. Does that make it clearer?
The object of design, especially in print – is to organize content and communicate a specific message in the simplest terms necessary. Most of the time, that’s accomplished by reducing and refining elements. However in website design – it’s emphasis that delivers clarity. Those big contrasting buttons we mentioned earlier – well, those elements make the visual corral through our site obvious and clear.