What Are the Odds that Customers Can Find You on the Web?

June 17, 2014 Website Design

Talk to most small business about their expectations when it comes to web design and you’ll hear everything from how search engine optimization is hocus pocus to how social media interactions somehow impact search engine rankings. If you’re super lucky – you’ll hear both from the same person.

In reality, search engine optimization can have nearly 60 times the impact that traditional forms of advertising can have. The reason why that’s important is because while it’s exciting to hear that a small business can possibly reach a readership of 50,000 people with a small display ad- it’s most likely to reach a tiny fraction – actually its just 1% if we round up. I’m not exactly a math genius either – that method is only producing 500 new leads and you’ll still have to qualify and close the sale.

So what are the odds that customers can find you on the web? Well, they are in fact a lot worse than 1% if you’re website lacks the proper search engine optimization. That includes having valid code, having a site map file, even having a properly formatted headline could help increase the number of visitors to your website.

When you’ve managed to get all your website ducks in a row and get your website ranked in the top three on Google – you’ll find yourself sharing up to 56% of the clicks. Those are some pretty good odds but even better is the fact that close to 90% of our customers find their websites to be ranked in the top three within 90 days of launching their sites.

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