Why Your Marketing Plan Should Include SEO – Part 1

December 5, 2012 Website Design

If you haven’t heard the news by now – you just might in fact be living in a bubble. Having a SEO strategy built into your marketing plan is one of the best investments your business could possibly make. Not only is the return on investment 400-500 times greater than other traditional forms of marketing but you don’t have to promote your website using other forms of marketing. So essentially, you’re increasing your reward and decreasing your risk.

Think about it – newspapers all around the country have transitioned to websites and those who still buy a newspaper (I”m talking to you grampus) are not exactly walking around with disposable income burning a hole in their fanny packs. Now, it’s about climbing that SERP list – think about it like this. It’s like having a business name in the Yellow Pages that begins with AAAAAA – only, it’s an optimized website design.

People are going to find you thanks to search engine optimization.