What Have We Learned About the Web in 25 Years?

April 2, 2014 Website Design

This past month we celebrated the 25th anniversary of the web. It’s amazing to look back and think about how we started interacting with the web – from BBS to AOL and now Facebook. We’ve come a long way in a really short period of time.

We still get the occasional phone call from the small-business owner who boasts about recently giving in to email while seeking web design help. Celebrating their reluctance to get wired and get on the grid while their business shrinks at an alarming pace.

Even more disturbing is the rate at which society accepts technology has stayed about the same rate in the past 25 years – while technological advances continue at a dizzying pace. Think about our small-business friend who spends money to print coupons in newspapers.

In the past eight years alone – newspaper advertising revenue has shrunk by 50%. Readership is in sharp decline. Consumers are more skeptical than ever of interruptive marketing tactics like TV, radio and print. How does a small business justify spending money to lose profits?

The one positive note for small business is that more than 80% of consumers are using search to start their buying process. And yes, small-business owner – after 25 years of web research we have the data to back that up. The team at DemandGen have put together this amazing presentation that demonstrates just how powerful the web has become – it’s no longer a frivolous thing to search the web for things – it’s smart business.