What You Could Learn From Your Mom About Website Design

May 27, 2014 Website Design

In light of the fact that Mother’s Day has come and gone – we thought we would turn our website design focus to how to target your ‘not so savvy’ website visitor, or your mom. You know mom right? She’s the one that types with two fingers when searching for cheap hotels in Florida on the Google. When, mom has specific needs – as we all do – but when it comes to user-interface design, much like the rest of us, we want accessibility.

Now there are some very simple rules that we use when creating user-interfaces for a website design and some of those rules that I’m going to focus on are proximity and continuity. Proximity is simply the grouping of related elements such as a headline and body copy. Continuity is simply creating the easiest path for the user to complete a task.

These two rules are important because when given a task such as filling out a contact form, it can take users 100 times longer to make the necessary association between input field and input label on your website if for example these two elements are aligned differently.

Doesn’t sound like much but when you consider that it may only take 50 milliseconds for a consumer to begin doubting the integrity or trustworthiness of your website – it could mean the difference between being profitable and having to close up shop.

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