Will Internet Explorer 6 Just Die Already

January 30, 2012 Website Design 0 Comments

What are the reasons for a company to hand on to a browser as bad as Internet Explorer. Despite all the horrible press – these company’s cling to one of the most despised products ever created.

Microsoft itself can not run away fast enough – drawing the ire of most developers with violent, emotional bursts of anger. But what can we learn from this desperate clinging of underachievement? If we truly consider ourselves problem-solvers – then we must ask the question.

Despite the unbelievable number of blunders integrated with Internet Explorer, it seem as though Microsoft has enabled a vast majority of users to stay entrenched – having released subsequent browsers with minimal improvements. Despite support being dropped for IE6 – we come across IE6 users everyday – most simply don’t understand why a technology leader like Microsoft should be avoided.

In some cases – companies have built a suite of applications centered around IE6 and upgrading would mean millions of dollars in redevelopment and even more of millions lost in productivity.

So how is Microsoft helping? We’ve yet to see any attempt – and until we do I’m afraid IE 6 will not die.