How Internal Design Teams Commit Career Suicide?

September 4, 2013 Website Design

Now that summer is finally here and we’re having our fair share of graduation parties and camping trips – have you ever met a marketing guy that talked a lot KPI’s or ROI, and a lot of other TLA’s? Well, the assumption being made here is that you know something about marketing and what all those three letter acronyms actually mean. When in fact you really don’t care at all but it’s uncomfortable, right? Feels a little alienating like you’re on a different planet right?

Internal design teams responsible for website design often make the same mistake. They speak ‘corporate’ rather than speaking ‘customer’ and the first rule of marketing is – know your customers. Know what language they’re speaking – and engage them about the product or service you’re selling through your company website.

Launching a company website is a major initiative that can cost thousands of dollars – especially for internal website design teams who must answer to teams of stakeholders. If designing your website around a printed catalog makes good marketing sense then don’t make the mistake of designing your website as a tool to navigate the catalog. You may be unknowingly alienating half of your existing customers who don’t have a catalog and committing career suicide at the same time.

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